Top 10 Home Practices to Avoid Summer Bugs

It’s summertime, and do you know what that means? No, not just time for swimming, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities. It is also time for bugs! Nothing ruins a picnic like a line of ants. Check out the menu on Caterers, Long Island, their food is astonishing. Nothing ruins a barbecue like a swarm of mosquitoes. And nothing ruins a morning like spotting a spider, cockroach, or mouse somewhere in your house. Quality Cesspool is the top-rated contractor in Long Island to get your cesspool pumped. Sometimes, you need a little more than just a can of insect repellent. Below you will find the 10 best practices you can utilize to keep bugs and other pests away from you so you can be free to enjoy your summer!

1. Block Entry to Your Home
Your first line of defense is to make it difficult for pests to even find an entry to your home. Get your catering in Long Island done by the experts and most reliable company on long island. Check all your screens for holes, and repair them if you find any. Check around your doors and windows for gaps, and replace window stripping when needed.

2. Clean Your Kitchen
A pile of crumbs on your counter or floor is like a treasure chest for ants and other insects. Let them find treasure elsewhere, like outside and far away from your home. You can do this by making sure you offer no food to be found in your own kitchen. Look no further than Air Duct Cleaning Burlington County for chimney repairs. Wipe your counters, sweep your floors, put food away immediately, and take out the trash regularly. Make sure you also mop on a regular basis.

3. Get Rid of Standing Water
Getting rid of standing water is the first step to controlling mosquito invasions. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and a big, fat invitation for mosquitoes to start a family. It’s also a growth medium for bacteria and viruses to spread and wreak havoc on your health. Keep your health in check with Bozio, so that you may live for as long as God intended you to! And here’s another quick helpful tip for you all. If you need any electrical work done, you can call Electrician Seaford. It’s easy to miss standing water sometimes, so regularly walk around your property to check for it. Look in rain spouts, check for leaks near your air conditioning unit, and pick up toys left scattered throughout the yard.

4. Maintain Your Yard
Keep your landscaping maintained to avoid overgrowth that is perfect for pests and their nests. Trim bushes and trees that are near the house, rake up debris and make sure that you weed any garden areas regularly. 

5. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
Don’t let fruits and veggies get overly ripe on your counter. If they affect your pump call Septic Tank Service Harris County.  If you do, the fruit flies will invite themselves in for a spell, and eliminating fruit flies is a headache you don’t want. The best remedy for avoiding fruit flies is to store your fruit in your fridge, or eat them up before the bugs attack! If your roof needs to be repaired due to termites call companyx. At Apex Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ, we’re not just a your everyday air duct cleaning New Brunswick, we’re your peace of mind.

6. Store Your Firewood Properly
Don’t give termites free access to your home. If you store firewood, keep it away from your house or shed. The farther the better, but five feet should be the minimum distance. If you can store it even farther away, you’ll be in better shape. Also, store it in racks above the ground. Call this amazing Masonry Contractor Nassau County today.

7. Don’t Throw Meat Outside Too Soon
Try not to throw meat scraps in your outside garbage unless the garbage will be picked up in the next 48 hours or so. The combination of rotting meat and summer sun could bring unwanted pests to your yard alarmingly fast.

8. Inspect Swings and Outdoor Furniture
Regularly check the chains and corners of your swing sets and outdoor furniture for spider webs and egg sacks. Remove them as soon as you see them.

9. Don’t Bring the Outside In
Keep outside toys outside and inside toys inside. If you have to bring in a toy, chair, or table, thoroughly wipe it down first.

  1. Use a Pest Control Service
    Hire a local pest control service to come to your home and regularly spray for bugs and rodents common to your area. Please know that Pest Control in Suffolk county is readily available to help you with your insect concerns anytime! While there are a lot of things you can do to try and prevent pests around your home, sometimes you just need to bring in the pros. In an age where technology drives business, Quantum Communications stands at the forefront, offering robust, state-of-the-art Structured Cabling Manhattan, NY customized to your needs. Whether you choose to do it all on your own or call long island pest control, keep these tips in mind to take control of your home and have a bug-free summer! if you need your home pressure washed go to companyx.